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Nintendo News Report: On To The GameCube

The agenda is a bit flexible tonight.Hey everyone! Tonight at 10pm Eastern, join Donald, Neal, and Justin for discussion of the week's biggest news. Nintendo released their earnings and is throwing a "Strategy Meeting", which has produced things like ...

Zelda Glitch Hunters Discover a GameCube Emulator That Could Run on the Switch

At the very least, a GameCube game could virtually run on the Switch.

NVidia Shield to Carry Nintendo Wii and GameCube Titles in China

Nvidia and Nintendo announced they will be partnering to deliver Wii and GameCube titles to China via the Nvidia Shield. So far, New Super Mario Bros Wii, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Punch-Out!! has been confirmed on the Nvidia ...

Nintendo Launches Wii and Gamecube Games on Nvidia Shield in China

Don't hold your breath for these games to launch in other markets, though. The post Nintendo Launches Wii and Gamecube Games on Nvidia Shield in China appeared first on ExtremeTech. ...

Nintendo brings Wii and GameCube titles to Nvidia Shield in China

Nintendo is bringing a smorgasbord of its older titles, including New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy, and Twilight Princess, to China through the Nvidia Shield. ...

Nintendo teams up with Nvidia to bring Wii and GameCube games to China

Nvidia Shield is coming to China and it’s bringing older Nintendo games with it.

Take a Look at this Gamecube Controller for Switch (Fan-Made Mockup)

The Gamecube controller is nearly two decades old, but the passion for it has yet to die out. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen people requesting that Nintendo remake the controller to replace… The post Take a Look at this ...

Nintendo Switch Virtual Console: Donu2019t get too Excited about Gamecube Support Yet

Ever since the Nintendo Switch hit store shelves (and immediately were cleared off store shelves by rabid fans), gamers have been dying for news about the inevitable Virtual Console on the device. NES and SNES games have been promised, with fans ...

Nintendo Was Also Surprised to Find Out the Gamecube Controller Worked on the Nintendo Switch

Reggie Fils-Aime says it was as surprising for them as it was for us.

Surprise Gamecube Controller Support on Switch was Apparently an Accident

Nintendo released a major firmware update for the Switch last week (version 4.0.) This new update brought in a lot of goodies, but there was one feature that took all of us by surprise—including Nintendo.… The post Surprise Gamecube ...

Switch Firmware 4.0.1 Released: Temporarily Removes Support For Official Gamecube Controller Adapter

But the extra stability is worth it. UPDATEDFor the second time in a week, Nintendo has released new system software for the Switch. Version 4.0.1's official reason involves a fix to HDMI connections on the system that were causing sound issues on ...

Switch Now Has GameCube Controller Support

Version 4.00 does more than originally revealed.

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