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Super Bowl 2018 Depicts Quarterbacks Using PS2-era Character Models

Tom Brady's got the jaggies. Pray for him.

Hacked PS4s can now run PS2 ISOs

The PS4 was recently hacked, allowing for a variety of homebrew software and, almost inevitably, the ability to run pirated games. But who expected PS2 ISOs to run on the PS4? Well, it’s happening. According to a Wololo report, developer ...

Hackers figure out how to run PS2 games on PS4

It turns out it’s possible to run your old PlayStation 2 games on a PlayStation 4, thanks to the homebrew community surrounding the PS4. An exploit for the 4.05 version of the PS4’s OS software was discovered last month that allowed ...

PS4 Hacked Enabling Wider PS2 Support, Homebrew

Exploit only available on older firmware

PlayStation 4 hackers bring PS2 games and pirated software to the console

Homebrew hackers have released an exploit for PlayStation 4 consoles running 4.05 firmware.

PS4 Jumps Ahead of PS2 Sales Rate With 73.6 Million Sold

The student has become the master. For now.

Nintendo Switch Beats the PS2's First-Year Sales in Japan

Nintendo continues to give a good show at home.

Nintendo Switch Outruns PS2 Launch Calendar Year In Japan

Could they hit that 20 Million dream?

Switch Outsells PS2 in Japan in First Calendar Year

The Nintendo Switch has outsold the PlayStation 2 in Japan when you compare the first calendar year of the two platforms, according to figures from Famitsu.  The PlayStation 2 sold 3,016,622 by the end of December 2000, while the Nintendo ...

PS2 Hit The Getaway Turns 15, Take a Look Back at the Open World Title

Learn more about the PS2 classic! The post PS2 Hit The Getaway Turns 15, Take a Look Back at the Open World Title appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle. ...

The Getaway Turns 15: A Look Back With the Team Behind the PS2 Hit

When is a movie more than a movie? That was the question posed back in 2002 when an intense, memorable live-action promo helped pioneering open-world crime saga The Getaway jostle its way onto PlayStation 2. Sure, the popularity of the British ...

PS4 Has Crossed 70 Million Sold Worldwide, Just Behind The PS2's Sales Pace

The PlayStation 4 hits its next milestone.

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