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Super Comboman: Smash Edition (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Super Comboman has been available on PC for a while now, in fact, my friend reviewed it here a couple of years ago.  Now you can download the Smash Edition for PS4 and Xbox One (reviewed on PS4 here).  I don’t know what’s different about the ...

ARK: Survival Evolved u2013 Review

ARK: Survival Evolved was released on the 29th of August. Well, it’s been available before that, because on June 2, 2015 ARK has also released on early access. Since those days it has proved that Survival games are still going strong, by ...

NBA 2K18 Review - Taking IT seriously

Taking IT seriously

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! Review - Delicious but incomplete

Delicious but incomplete

Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Review

Capcom is back at it again in the ring with Marvel. It has been roughly over 6 years since we were graced with the beauty of a fighting game that was Marvel vs Capcom 3. Now in 2017, Capcom brings to us Marvel vs Capcom Infinite with new fighting ...

[Review] Warriors All Stars Shoots For the Moon and Misses

Koei Tecmo has gone from a humble publisher with only a handful of titles under its belt to the absolute powerhouse it is now. Sporting releases like those from the Atelier series, Dead or Alive series, and obviously the Warriors games, the publisher ...

Tauronos u2013 Review

Tauronos is based on the myth where Daedalus designs a maze for the king of Knossos to contain a vile creature within. It’s basically a prison with no hope of getting out alive, seeing as you’ll never have any chance of finding the exit, nor are ...

Chicken Wiggle Review for 3DS

Chicken Wiggle is the first game to come out of the new indie studio Atooi for the 3DS platform. While the studio has a new name, the developer behind it is well known for playing… The post Chicken Wiggle Review for 3DS appeared first on ...

Robonauts Switch Review

Robonauts is a vibrant and musically benefited arcade shooter that is essentially an arena-based Contra but with the rotating planet jump of Super Mario Galaxy. There isn’t anything that has really been done before, and this shooter can provide a ...

Motorola Moto Gamepad Moto Mod Review

Video games are the life blood of many people, and considering that is a site based around talking about, reviewing, and publishing news about games it should come as no surprise that those of us that work here are among them.  That ...

Game Review: White Day: A Labyrinth Named School

A long awaited remake of a Korean horror hidden gem, White Day impressed in the past, but does it still hold up?

Pokku00e9n Tournament DX review for Nintendo Switch

Fast, fun, and ferocious. The Tekken take on Pokémon finally sees its day on the Switch! View the full article, here: Pokkén Tournament DX review for Nintendo Switch

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